Traditionally, desktops are purchased, deployed, maintained, repaired, upgraded and, ultimately, recovered and disposed. More than 70% of the total cost of owning a desktop environment is the time and resources dedicated to managing these desktops. But there is a better way.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, is an end-to-end solution for managing your desktop environment better while maintaining a familiar desktop experience for the user. Mainline offers bundle solutions that are built on industry-leading virtualization technologies from VMware, Wyse, NetApp, Cisco, HP and IBM, and are deployed with Mainline expertise.

Desktop Virtualization from Mainline reduces:

  • Total cost of ownership by up to 35%
  • Setup and deployment time by 50%
  • Power consumption by up to 90%
  • Data loss by 100%

Additional benefits of VDI:

  • Improve security of sensitive customer data to meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Lower costs through desktop standardization and reduced power consumption
  • Centralize management and control, reducing the time required for deployment and maintenance
  • Build a highly reliable, on-demand information network to empower company growth
  • Provide network and data access for remote and outsourced employees
  • Access virtualized desktops remotely from any PC or thin client in the world, without compromising usability

Why Mainline for VDI?

As a VMware Premier Partner and VMware's 2009 Global Partner of the Year for Desktop Virtualization, Mainline is a recognized leader in desktop virtualization. Mainline's trained team of industry-leading systems engineers have second-to-none expertise in both server and desktop virtualization, acquired through real-world deployments. From consultation to proof of concept to production deployment, Mainline is your complete solution partner for virtual desktops.

We also offer:

  • Industry-leading bundles that lower prices, ease deployment, and are enabled for cloud computing
  • VDI demo centers and POC hardware
  • Professionals with sales and technical certifications, plus real-world desktop virtualization experience
  • Dedicated Mainline resources with servers, storage and thin clients for on-site customer pilots
  • Relationships with the industry's leading vendors, such as VMware, HP, IBM, Wyse, Cisco, FalconStor, Vizioncore and Lakeside Software
  • Industry-exclusive Solution Management Suite, including One-Call Solution Support, PC Trade-In and Recycling, and Life-Cycle Management Support

To learn more about how Mainline can help you with your virtualization needs, please contact us at 866.490.MAIN(6246) or complete our contact us form.