Change Control Procedure

Changes required to a SOW could result in corresponding changes to the price, estimated completion dates, responsibilities of parties, scope of services, or other provisions of the project. Any change to this SOW in either scope or deliverables shall be submitted in writing via the PCR Form (Attachment A) to MAINLINE. PCRs will adhere to the following procedure:

  1. Either the CLIENT or MAINLINE may initiate a change request by submitting a written PCR Form to the MAINLINE POC and the CLIENT POC.
  2. MAINLINE will be responsible for logging and tracking PCRs. The MAINLINE POC will forward the PCR to the project team for review if applicable.
  3. Upon completion of the evaluation by MAINLINE and the project team and prior to performing any work, the MAINLINE POC will submit the written results to the CLIENT. These results must include any impact on cost, schedule, performance, and a recommended method for implementation, testing and acceptance by CLIENT.
  4. If CLIENT POC agrees in writing to the impact that such change will have on the cost, schedule, performance, and any other issue raised by the MAINLINE evaluation, the project will be adjusted to accommodate the PCR and MAINLINE shall proceed to perform the change.

Payment of the cost of the change, as specified in the PCR shall be paid in accordance with the SOW between CLIENT and MAINLINE.

MAINLINE’s formal escalation process is diagrammed below:


Client Responsibilities

To ensure the success of this engagement, CLIENT will assign resources to fulfill the following responsibilities.

Assign an individual to act as the POC between MAINLINE and the CLIENT for the duration of this engagement. He/she will have the authority to act for the CLIENT in all aspects of the contract. This individual will:

  1. Obtain and Provide applicable information, data, decisions, and approvals as required by MAINLINE to perform the Services, within two (2) business days of a MAINLINE request.
  2. Assist in the development of installation and project plans as appropriate.
  3. Provide access to and information for the systems required to fulfill this engagement.
  4. Where applicable, ensure all necessary hardware is onsite and satisfy all environmental requirements prior to MAINLINE technical personnel’s arrival.
  5. Where applicable, CLIENT will ensure that all hardware and software related to this engagement are at current or supported maintenance levels.
  6. Prior to making your facilities, software, hardware, networks or other similar resources available to MAINLINE, promptly obtain any licenses or approvals necessary for MAINLINE or its subcontractors to use, access and modify such resources to the extent necessary for MAINLINE to perform the Services, including the development of any Materials. MAINLINE will be relieved of its obligations to the extent your failure to promptly obtain such licenses or approvals adversely affects MAINLINE’s ability to perform its obligations. If a third party asserts a claim against MAINLINE as a result of your failure to promptly obtain these licenses or approvals, you agree to reimburse MAINLINE for any costs or damages that MAINLINE may reasonably incur in connect with such claim.
  7. Be responsible for the content of any database, system or server, the selection and implementation of control on its access and use, backup and recovery of the security of the stored data on same. This security will also include any procedures necessary to safeguard the integrity and security of software and data used in the Services from access by unauthorized personnel.
  8. Participate in meetings, as required, and ensure the completion of any CLIENT action items coming out of these meetings.
  9. Have authorization to sign project status reports and approve change requests related to this engagement.
  10. Have authorization to review and approve all deliverables.
  11. Assign CLIENT resources as appropriate to work with MAINLINE throughout this engagement.
  12. Determine the priorities if multiple tasks are assigned to MAINLINE personnel.
  13. At project completion, provide CLIENT sign-off of Project Acceptance Documentation.

CLIENT is responsible to provide an environmentally safe working environment, commensurate with the number of on-site MAINLINE consultants. The work area will include:

  • Computer workstations
  • Software/tools
  • Network access
  • Telephones
  • Desks
  • Other general office equipment (as provided to their own staff) as and when needed to facilitate project completion by MAINLINE personnel
  • Printing and reproduction facilities for project staff while working on CLIENT premises
  • All building and system access items, such as user ids and passwords, and access badges in a timely manner

Failure of CLIENT to provide for any of the preceding requirements may invoke the Change Control Procedure, and may result in additional time or cost requirements. CLIENT shall be liable for any delays to the delivery schedule specified in this SOW caused by the CLIENT, its vendor(s), or resulting from CLIENT’s failure to fulfill any of its obligations. MAINLINE may charge CLIENT for any additional charges or losses incurred by MAINLINE as a result of such delays. MAINLINE may adjust the affected delivery schedule accordingly.

Security Disclaimer

As a matter of security best practice, MAINLINE does not and will not maintain a record of any administrative passwords used in the engagement. CLIENT acknowledges sole responsibility for ongoing maintenance and record-keeping requirements for these accounts.

Exhibit A: Project Change Request (PCR) Form

Detailed description of proposed change:

Document Description

A Project Change Request is initiated due to a deviation from the original project scope, cost or schedule, as defined in the statement of work, subsequent change order(s) or PCRs.
Client Name  
MSR #  
Project Name  
Project Sponsor  
Services Practice Manager(s)  
PCR #  
PCR Create Date  
PCR Exp. Date  
Project Manager(s)  
Justification for proposed change:
Impact of Change Request:

Cost/Travel & Living Terms  

It is understood and agreed that all services provided in accordance with this PCR are subject to the terms and conditions of the _______ currently in effect between _______ (“CLIENT”) and Mainline Information Systems, Inc., (“MAINLINE”), effective ________ (“Agreement”). For the avoidance of doubt, this PCR modifies the scope, cost, or schedule of the Statement of Work, MSR # _____, effective ____. Payment for the above charge shall be paid pursuant to the terms of the Agreement.

Exhibit B: Project Acceptance Document

Client acknowledges that the execution of this document represents acceptance of the MAINLINE INFORMATION SYSTEMS INC. services described in this Statement of Work (SOW) and, if any, all Changes and Revisions to the original SOW for the MAINLINE INFORMATION SYSTEMS INC. project listed above.

Furthermore, you acknowledge that MAINLINE INFORMATION SYSTEMS INC. has completed all tasks as assigned and the deliverables requested, and authorize the processing and payment of the final invoice for these services.

Thank you for doing business with MAINLINE INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC. It has been our pleasure to serve you.