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VLOG – Improve Storage Efficiency with Copy Data Management

Today’s data center, on average, has a 10x data inflation of Primary Storage due to Backup, Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, Dev/Test, Analytics and related data sprawl.

VLOG – Get Business Insights Cheaper and Faster with IBM High Performance Computing powered by Nvidia

New workloads such as Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) and Analytics are delivering business insight to fuel growth, but data centers must have the compute power to process the magnitude of information.

VLOG – Build a business case for Linux on IBM z Systems

Deploying and managing x86 server farms is time consuming and expensive. What at first seems like an inexpensive, cookie cutter data center strategy for supporting business demands, quickly turns into an expensive and time-consuming methodology as your business grows.

VLOG – IBM DRAID Explained and Best Practices

IBM Distributed RAID (DRAID) improves RAID performance and availability compared to Traditional RAID (TRAID).

Infinidat Neutrix Cloud

Keith Thuerk Storage Engineer   By now, most enterprises have discerned that cloud offerings are not for active data sets. And, while grinding through their budgets, due to egress charges and other ancillary charges, not actual IT resource utilization...

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