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Business Case for Linux on z Systems

Marianne Eggett z Systems Solutions Consultant   Cost-cutting initiatives are imperative today with our shaky economy. In the information technology arena, the primary cost-cutting initiative is called “virtualization,” and nearly every company is at least...

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My view on Power Systems in 2017

Ron Gordon Director - Power Systems As we close out 2016 and reflect back on Power Systems, we saw many technological and systems advancements. Among the many that stand out in my mind are the “C” models of the Enterprise models, the new “LC” models with NVLink to an...

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Do you need HPC?

Ron Gordon Director - Power Systems I attended SuperComputing 2016 in Salt Lake City. There was a strong presence of customers, vendors and innovators who presented the view that “supercomputing” is not just about doing massive calculations for genomics, Molecular...

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