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VLOG – Tips on IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Standby Storage Engine

IBM added a spare storage engine to the SAN Volume Controller (SVC) to improve availability and performance. The new standby node reduces the impact of an SVC engine in a cluster going offline.

VLOG – IBM System z Migration – IPLA and MLC Licenses Unraveled

How to avoid financial impact of IBM MLC and IPLA software license charges

VLOG – How to Run a Successful IT Automation Project

IT Automation offers the opportunity of efficiency and cost saving to business processes.

VLOG – Make Real-Time Business Decisions with IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) for z/OS

There’s truth and good reason in the old adage “keep your data closest to its source”.

But, contrary to that performance and security best practice, many data centers running IBM z Systems mainframe servers exported the data to x86 data warehousing platforms, chasing the promise of the “economical x86 server farm”.

VLOG – Automate Business Operations with IBM Watson – Helpdesk Automation

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities to use IBM Watson artificial intelligence to automate business processes to improve effectiveness and reduce costs.

VLOG – Running servers and containers on IBM System z in a virtualized environment

By deploying Linux on IBM z Systems, your business can significantly reduce operating costs* and have the reliability and security you need to run your critical workloads.

VLOG –Infinidat Review: Advanced Function Storage for Data Intensive Workloads at a Commodity Price

Steve Adil, Storage Solutions Consultant, reviews Infinidat enterprise storage with its All-Flash array performance, 7 nine’s availability and cloud independence.

Flash Storage Explained in a Flash

Cristina Perez Marketing Specialist   Hotels, Klingon and Disco Balls For 12+ years, I worked in and managed coffee shops, cafes, bars, bistros, restaurants, hotels (select & full service, big & small), etc. I have multiple degrees in Culinary Arts...

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Nutanix and IBM Power Systems Join

Ron Gordon Director » Power Systems Nutanix is the industry leader in providing hyperconverged systems. Hyperconvergence is the fundamental building block for enterprise cloud. IBM and Nutanix have joined forces to deliver an enterprise cloud...

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IBM Powers Systems Strategy

Ron Gordon Director » Power Systems Recently, I have been in several IBM sessions where the IBM Power Systems, now known as Cognitive Systems, has presented their strategy. As many of you have not had the opportunity to be at an IBM Cognitive Systems...

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Power Linux is Special

Ron Gordon Director » Power Systems I recently read a blog that said Linux is Linux is Linux, and that one should not look at Linux distributions on IBM Power Systems as anything special or different. Well, I certainly take exception to that premise....

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Why Businesses are Buying IBM LinuxONE

Marianne Eggett z Systems Solutions Consultant   As Information Technology management face today’s challenges of exponential capacity growth, security breaches, and escalating costs, they fervently search for a better server solution. IBM has the...

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