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Isn’t flash storage just storage?

Bryan Samson North American Flash Sales Executive   “Isn't flash storage just storage,” a customer asked earlier this year. There have been quite a few articles written about the blurring line between specialty flash storage and general purpose storage products...

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IBM z/VM Upgrade in Place Process

Andy Hartman Senior Consultant IBM introduced a process they call Upgrade in Place, for moving to a new release, when they introduced z/VM 6.3. At that time, the current release was z/VM 6.2, which was also the first release to support Single System Image(SSI). For...

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IBM Tools for Power Systems

Ron Gordon Director - Power Systems Those of us with Power Systems are aware of AIX, IBM i, and Linux, as well as management and support tools like PowerVM and PowerHA System Mirror. However, I see that many of the Power Systems users are not familiar with tools like...

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