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VLOG – Improve Storage Efficiency with Copy Data Management

Today’s data center, on average, has a 10x data inflation of Primary Storage due to Backup, Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, Dev/Test, Analytics and related data sprawl.

VLOG – Get Business Insights Cheaper and Faster with IBM High Performance Computing powered by Nvidia

New workloads such as Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) and Analytics are delivering business insight to fuel growth, but data centers must have the compute power to process the magnitude of information.

VLOG – Build a business case for Linux on IBM z Systems

Deploying and managing x86 server farms is time consuming and expensive. What at first seems like an inexpensive, cookie cutter data center strategy for supporting business demands, quickly turns into an expensive and time-consuming methodology as your business grows.

VLOG – IBM DRAID Explained and Best Practices

IBM Distributed RAID (DRAID) improves RAID performance and availability compared to Traditional RAID (TRAID).

IBM Storage Support for Containers

Chris Dedham Senior Storage Solutions Architect   Containers are stand-alone, lightweight packages, that contain the necessary libraries and executables to run code. They are available for both Linux and Windows applications, and provide a runtime environment that can...

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Hybrid Data Management Platform

Ken Gross Mainframe Software Specialist An updated view of the IBM® Db2® Analytics Accelerator for z/OS® I am sure many are familiar with the IBM® Db2® Analytics Accelerator for z/OS® as we have known it to advance, over the years, out of the Netezza...

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Data Protection solutions on and off premise

You have firewalls. You’re feeling confident that the data stored on your premise is safe, and the real worry is when data leaves the building. Right? Wrong! The paradigm that onsite data is safe has quickly changed. At a minimum, I hope you are encrypting...

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POWER9 Performance and Performance Modes

Ron Gordon Director - Power Systems Now that POWER9 systems have been announced and shipped, I think the next question on everyone’s mind is performance. IBM has published rPerf and CPW data, in the latest Power Performance report, but I think some...

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Marianne Eggett z Systems Solutions Consultant   Take a moment to think like a CIO. Can you imagine that the CIO wants a reliable infrastructure, secure from hackers, that’s easy to install, easy to maintain and can quickly handle the businesses growth....

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IBM Announces POWER9 Scale-out Servers

Ron Gordon Director - Power Systems On February 13, IBM announced the POWER9 scale-out server family. The general availability of these systems will be March 20, 2018. The models follow the Power Systems naming convention where S924 translates as 9 –...

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KVM on IBM z with SLES and Ubuntu

Andy Hartman Senior Consultant    Earlier last year, IBM announced that it was withdrawing its KVM for IBM z product, and instead continue to support and develop this technology as open source. Two of the three supported IBM on z Linux distribution...

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My Crystal Ball for Power Systems in 2018

Ron Gordon Director - Power Systems Welcome to the new year, and to a year that I think will really progress the value of Power Systems. Let me give you my outlook, after gazing into my “Power Systems crystal ball,” recognizing that sometimes the crystal...

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API Management with CA

Jeff Dobbelaere Vice President, Services   Introduction In the previous blog about API Management, the features and functions expected of a mature API management product are explored. The purpose of this blog is to review CA’s API Management product...

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API Management

Jeff Dobbelaere Vice President, Services   Introduction APIs are the basic building blocks of digital applications. With the increased cloud adoption and new innovations in cloud, IOT and AI, API’s have become ubiquitous. API-based application ecosystems...

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