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IBM Announces First POWER9 System

Ron Gordon Director - Power Systems The POWER9 processor was publicly announced in 2016. On December 5, IBM announced the first POWER9-based system, the AC922, with general availability December 22, 2017. The AC stands for Accelerated Computing because of...

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IBM Storage Support for Containers

Chris Dedham Senior Storage Solutions Architect   Containers are stand-alone, lightweight packages, that contain the necessary libraries and executables to run code. They are available for both Linux and Windows applications, and provide a runtime environment that can...

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Infinidat’s SATA-Driven Disruption 

Robert Young Senior Systems EngineerData Storage ServicesMainline Information Systems   Moshe Yanai zigs where others zag. Gil Press, writing in a recent Forbes article describes Moshe’s 40 years of re-inventing storage. In the article, Gil distills the five rules for...

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