Case Study: Optimization

City of Farmington increases processing speed by 33% and lowers cost by 50% with an upgrade to IBM Power 720, architected by Mainline


The City of Farmington


San Juan County, New Mexico

The Issue

  • Higher service levels
  • Lower TCO
  • Avoid future maintenance and vendor support expenses
  • Higher scalability

The Solution

  • IBM Power 720 Express server (i Series)
  • IBM i (formerly known as i5/OS) on Power 7
  • Mainline Professional Services

The Results

  • 33% increase in processing speed and throughput
  • 50% decrease in monthly lease costs
  • Cost savings with the increase in processing power
  • Redundancy
  • Higher scalability
  • More resilient
“We’re experiencing amazing savings with the increase in processing power as a result of the upgrade. ”
Rick Weinstein

Enterprise Systems Administrator, City of Farmington

The Issue

To manage these essential municipal services, Farmington first purchased an IBM midrange computer in 1987, an IBM System 38. The first AS/400 was installed in 1992. Rick Weinstein, the Enterprise Systems Administrator, has been an employee with the city since 1989, and he has worked on the implementation of subsequent AS 400 and IBM i series over the years. Recently, the city was ready for an upgrade from its current Power 6 server to a Power 7. Although there were not any operational issues or problems with the current system, Weinstein wanted an infrastructure that would provide higher service levels delivered in a more costeffective manner.

He called his Mainline Information Systems account executive and asked her to configure a new system based on the city’s current needs and requirements. She put together a team of experts from Mainline, an IBM Premier Business Partner, and they presented a solution that consisted of an upgrade to IBM Power 720 with an i5/OS and Mainline Professional Services.

The Solution

IBM Power 720 Express server
The IBM Power 720 Express is built on the foundation of POWER 7 processor technology to handle rapid growth and manage business risk while meeting higher required service levels. As a distributed application server, the IBM Power 720 Express is designed with capabilities to deliver leading-edge application availability and enable more work to be processed with less operational disruption. It offers comprehensive virtualization technologies designed to aggregate and manage resources while helping simplify and optimize the IT infrastructure and deliver one of the most cost-efficient solutions for UNIX, IBM i and Linux deployments.

IBM i (formerly known as i5/OS®) on Power 7
IBM i on Power 7 delivers a highly scalable and virus-resistant architecture with a stable database and middleware foundation for effi ciently deploying business processing applications. IBM i applications provide world-class performance plus dynamic infrastructure fl exibility, with the opportunity to lower monthly operations costs. IBM i integrates a trusted combination of relational database, security, Web services, networking and storage management capabilities. It provides a broad and highly stable database and middleware foundation for efficiently deploying business processing applications, with support for more than 5,000 solutions from more than 2,500 ISVs.

Mainline Professional Services
Mainline Professional Services provided the design, configuration and implementation of the hardware and software as well as the testing and maintenance of the solution.

The Results

“When we decided to upgrade to the IBM Power 720, I didn’t realize how noticeable the difference would be,” Weinstein said. “From my system accounting software, I discovered that there was a 33 percent increase in processing speed and throughput. In addition, we’re experiencing amazing savings with the increase in processing power as a result of the upgrade.”

“Our lease costs with the IBM Power 720 upgrade are now more than 50 percent less than those of the IBM Power 6,” he added. “We also have a tremendous amount of excess capacity for anticipated growth in the next 26 months. In the end, we have a more powerful and resilient machine, for less money.”

“The Mainline account executive, who has been working with us since 2005, is very responsive and professional, and has a sense of urgency,” he continued. “In fact, everybody at Mainline was extremely knowledgeable and responsive to all issues and questions, from the configuration to the implementation. The Mainline team has a wide spectrum of professional experience for anything we need,” he concluded.

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