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IBM Cloud™ Pak for Data – Turning Data into Insights


Simplify and automate how you collect, organize and analyze data to accelerate the value of data science and AI. Learn how this multicloud platform, built on Red Hat® OpenShift®, delivers a broad range of core data microservices, with the option to add more from a growing services catalog. Experience greater flexibility, security and control, and the benefits of the cloud without having to move your data.

Duration: 60 mins

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Exploring IBM Cloud™ Paks


Enterprises need flexibility to take advantage of cloud deployments, whether on prem or off prem, public or private, in a secure fashion. Recently, IBM announced the build once, run anywhere Cloud Paks that run on Red Hat® OpenShift®, which provide an infrastructure-independent common operating environment that runs anywhere – and are designed to significantly reduce development time and operational expenses.

Duration: 60 mins

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2019 Events & Webinars

On Demand Virtual Summit

Mainframe Virtual Summit Series

Panel Discussion: Building Compliance and Security Excellence with Data- and Identity-centric Best Practices & Solutions Jim Douglas, Operations Security, Broadridge, Rainer Barthel, Security Architect, Mainline and Mary Ann Furno, Senior Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies

The Same Old Data Security Story… or Is It? The global regulatory environment is alive–with GDPR, a crawling vine, making its own path through the global security landscape. Enterprises should look cross-platform for a deep and wide approach to data security. That’s obvious. The crux of it is, how do you secure yourself from mobile to mainframe without overburdening the team, creating gaps in your IT infrastructure–be it mainframe, distributed or hybrid, or engaging an unmanageable number of vendors? What does success even look like? After all, data security regulation is changing, and your business must too, if you want to secure your place in the digital economy.

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2020 Events & Webinars

January, 8th - 1:00 PM ET

Leveraging Big Data and AI –
Creating a Framework for Innovation!

Application and Infrastructure Modernization allows businesses to drive innovation and growth by increasing agility, unlocking digital insights and improving efficiencies.

Join IBM and Mainline for a discussion on Modernization and explore how you can create business value from aging Applications and Infrastructure through modern features and capabilities.

Glimpse into a unique approach to accelerate Application Transformation.

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Navigate this maze of complexity to:

  • Leverage your current investments
  • Provide a platform to drive your AI vision both on-premise and in the cloud
  • Integrate the many analytic tools and data silos into a single “searchable” data tier
  • Accelerate your legacy analytic workflows by 100x
    • Leverage larger “more representative” sample sizes
    • Run more models and simulations much faster in significantly less time • Significantly reduce cost per simulation
    • Yield much more accurate models
    • Reduce Latency to Insight by 80%