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Streamline Business Process with IBM Z Innovation Technologies

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The information technology world is changing more rapidly than ever before. Invest in yourself.
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Tuesday, July 23rd @ 12 PM ET

Open Data Analytics for IBM Z


IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS® integrates key open-source analytics technologies with advanced data access and abstraction services. The solution is designed to simplify data analysis. It combines open-source run times and libraries with analysis of z/OS data at its source, to reduce data movement and increase the value of insights gained from leveraging current data. Join us to hear about the latest capabilities for leveraging System Z as a strategic analytics platform. Our speaker will be Jeff Broderick, Mainline System z Architect.

Duration: 60 mins

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Tuesday, August 20th @ 12 PM ET

Linux on Z and Crypto Express cards


With the spotlight more and more on securing your data at rest and in flight, the IBM z14 with Crypto Express provides the highest cryptographic security available commercially. As a coprocessor, the Crypto feature helps to offload the processing and enables you to economically secure your data without impacting your applications. Join us to learn about these cryptographic features for Linux on Z and watch a demo to experience the difference these features make when using encrypted communications. Our speaker will be Andy Hartman, Mainline Sr. Systems Engineer.

Duration: 60 mins

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On Demand

BLOCKsolid! Blockchain using IBM Cloud Private on Z

IBM Blockchain Platform is now available to deploy on multi-cloud, including on-prem using IBM Cloud Private (ICP) on Z. Explore how the Hyperledger Fabric can leverage ICP while also enabling other Blockchain networks to connect to the system of record.

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Getting Started with Docker Containers on IBM Z

Containerized apps can be run on IBM z, offering all of the scale and reliability the mainframe delivers. Attendees will learn how to get started with Docker on IBM z through discussion and a demonstration of installing and deploying Docker and simple Docker containers.

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Installing Linux on IBM System z using Distribution Scripting Tools

Back by popular demand, Andy Hartman explains and demonstrates how to install Linux on IBM z using scripting tools provided by the various distributions. Andy will include instructions on Red Hat, Ubuntu and SUSE distributions.

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2019 Events & Webinars

July 25th

Lunch and Learn – Liberate IT From Complexity

As an IT manager, you’re constantly faced with managing an extreme amount of data and responding to business requests to move faster. You don’t have time to deal with five separate products for primary storage, backup, DR, encryption, and mobility!

Trillium Brewing Company
50 Thomson Pl
Boston, MA 02210
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August 13th

Red Hat Ansible Network Automation Workshop

Attendees will learn how to use Ansible to automate network operations, and acquire the skills needed to implement Ansible and Ansible Tower at their organizations.

5345 Medpace Way
Cincinnati, OH 45277
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On Demand Virtual Summit

Mainframe Virtual Summit Series

Panel Discussion: Building Compliance and Security Excellence with Data- and Identity-centric Best Practices & Solutions Jim Douglas, Operations Security, Broadridge, Rainer Barthel, Security Architect, Mainline and Mary Ann Furno, Senior Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies

The Same Old Data Security Story… or Is It? The global regulatory environment is alive–with GDPR, a crawling vine, making its own path through the global security landscape. Enterprises should look cross-platform for a deep and wide approach to data security. That’s obvious. The crux of it is, how do you secure yourself from mobile to mainframe without overburdening the team, creating gaps in your IT infrastructure–be it mainframe, distributed or hybrid, or engaging an unmanageable number of vendors? What does success even look like? After all, data security regulation is changing, and your business must too, if you want to secure your place in the digital economy.

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