z Systems Capacity Study

Is your IT infrastructure performing
at optimum levels?

Find out with a z Systems Capacity Study from Mainline

Mainline provides detailed reports of systems performance and capacity projections utilizing a variety of IBM analytical modeling tools. The basic report provides an insight into the three primary system components, processors, memory and I/O activity.

The study also provides the following detail:

  • Overall processor utilization
  • A look at LPAR relationships within a processor
  • Workload review of:
    • Processor Utilization usage, delay and if used specialty engines
    • System Memory Utilization
    • I/O Utilization
    • Path Utilization
    • I/O Rates including total, Read and Writes
    • Response and Service times and components
    • I/O Skew, Most Delayed Volumes and if data available a list of associated datasets
    • Basic DASD Control Unit review of performance
    • Capacity projection of processor over time
    • Analysis of workloads to determine potential impact of re-directing eligible work to specialty engines such as zIIP and zAAP

Pricing starts at $20,000 for a basic study. Complete the short form and a representative will contact you to determine assessment that will fit your needs.