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IT Assessments – Impartial advice you can count on

Most successful IT services projects begin with great advice. At Mainline, we have both the industry experience and multi-vendor flexibility to give you sound and impartial advice with IT Assessments across a wide variety of technologies.

Business Analytics workshop uncovers significant savings for LSSiDATA

Mainline prides itself as a multi-vendor provider that puts your business needs first.

In order to better understand the gaps between your business priorities and your current IT capabilities, we offer thorough IT assessments.

Mainline Expands Enterprise Architecture Capabilities with iEAi Certified Architects
IT Assessment

Our IT assessments include:

Optimization and Modernization

Business Analytics and Insights

IT Risk Management

Data and Storage Management

End User Computing

  • BYOD and Desktop Virtualization

Showed a health care customer how to save 60% on licensing by virtualizing with IBM z/VM hypervisor.

Aligning IT and Business Strategy

Once our experts have completed an IT assessment, we can identify areas for improvement, and make informed IT strategy and design suggestions to closely align your technical capabilities with your business goals. Mainline is proud to have the most iEAi certified IT infrastructure architects of any provider in the United States, so you can be sure to get quality advice.

Our methodology is based on key aspects that provide a holistic and balanced view of IT as it pertains both to business strategy and operational efficiency.

These aspects include:

  • Assessing IT with a 360 degree view
  • An “inside-out” approach
  • Identifying IT’s connection to the business
  • Including stakeholders across organizations
  • Focusing on the People, Process &Technology aspects of IT
IT Assessment
Develop a customized IT roadmap
with our Discovery Workshop
“The Mainline Discovery Workshop helped us by first bringing together in one room the IT experts from Mainline, who presented options and worked with us on setting priorities, and the SJR State IT team that would be responsible for pounding out a decision and implementing a new strategic initiative. It proved to be a great way to educate our people about how Mainline could partner with us and provide the most value to the college.”
Mike Hawkins

Chief Information Officer, SJR State College